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October 25 2010

Loving Someone makes you think all about her/ him and imagine how the two of us can be together 
— SN

October 11 2010

If you firm your children, it means you give a bright future to them. If you spoil them, it means you make them suffer in the future
— My dad, SK
So last saturday and sunday my dad came to my place from my hometown. I'm really happy to see him. Wherever I saw him or my family, I want to cry and want to get back home. But, after I listened to my dad, I have a courage to survive at my dorm which is super duper hell. 

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October 09 2010

Relish our juvenile by doing a ludicrous idea that others hardly ever do!

October 04 2010



If you move to a whole new world, and live far far away from your parents will you miss them? Of course I miss them, a lot. Now I regret to live alone far from my family. Not because my friends at the dorm, not the lesson ( i wish it is), but my bitches classmates. Ok here's the things. My school is all-girls school. I thought it will be fun. We hang out, chit chat, doing an adventure that some of our parents not allow it. Guess what, some of them talked about boys, boys, and boys! God It makes me sick! They talked about boys, they want him, they want him, etc with him. Well it's ok if the boy is cool, but please they're repugnant. Some of them that I think are cool, they don't care about boys. They care  about their teenage life with freedom. Sometimes I regret came all the way from my big hometown to a small city. I wish the school is regular which it will never going to happen in my high school life. The truth is, I WANT TO GO BACK TO MY BIG CITY AND SCHOOL AT THERE.
Tags: chit-chat

September 29 2010


Grown Up? Not ready!

When I was a little girl, my mom said that everything I want will come in a blink eye. Well that's a bullshit if we don't try hard. Now I must choose between my dream and my future that my parents rely on me. So I;m not ready to grown up. I like to become a teenage quirky girl. Thank you

September 27 2010


Typhoon Predict!

One of my teacher said that I must pray Our Father for 7 times and Hail Mary for 7 times. He said that tomorrow we gonna have a big typhoon. 2 times bigger than the last one. Well wish me luck that it doesn't happen tomorrow or anytime

September 25 2010

Life's too short to be to be true 
The stunning situation that I have right now.
I wonder when this is going to stop :(

September 24 2010

Don't you know?
2am Club and Mike Posner are on the same tour!
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They are everything :)


Have you ever heard about Mike Posner?
Well I'm in love with his song.
His first song that I heard was cooler than me.
When he started sing my heart melted and I just download the other music that he has. Guess what I have 18 song to me right now.
Tags: music
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